Dr. Cobb Listens deeply. As we work together
I learn more and more about leadership from the inside out, trusting and relishing the
dance in the work.


Sally Mahé

Director of Global Programs and
Organizational Development


When I first engaged Dr. Cobb to consult for us it
was a time of major transition, yet his presence
and instantaneous rapport with our staff

made the organization's change much easier.


Willie Novotny

President and CEO

New Paradigm Solutions, Inc.

Evolutionary Change


Dr. Cobb helps
companies worldwide evolve
to the next level by
reigniting their core purpose.

He serves as a guide, walking progressive companies through the stages of business evolution.

Customizable learning programs are designed for organizations and individual leaders who have already attained a high level of function and health and aspire to reach beyond innovation. Individual and peer coaching sessions can be personalized for anyone who desires a gentle “nudge” toward fulfillment of purpose.

Clients are given tools and practices that they can incorporate into their business and their personal life.

Through this eye-opening experience, clients understand natural inclinations and become aware of conscious choices. This awakening process balances self-acceptance and personal change and unveils a true understanding of who they are and what they can offer to the world. As a result, individuals learn to fully participate in life and all levels of the organization can be unified and accountable.

This is a unique process: learning from the inside out.

About Dr. Cobb


Dr. Cobb has dedicated his life to helping individuals be fully present and continuously evolve throughout life’s stages.

He received his doctorate from the Graduate Theological Union at University of California, Berkeley, and holds a Masters of Divinity Degree in Social Theory from the Seminary of the Southwest. He also holds a Masters of Arts in Ignatian Spirituality and Directed Retreats from Creighton University.

Dr. Cobb has complete certificates in Contemplative End of Life Care from Naropa University, Boulder, Advanced Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) and Gestalt Therapy at Jivanvikash, Mumbai, for which Dr. Cobb makes useful in Executive Coaching and Leadership trainings.

After 25 years of daily practice twice per day, early morning and evening before meals, Dr. Cobb is an outlier practitioner of both Mindfulness and Somatic Awareness/Focusing.

Yet, the most enriching aspect of Dr. Cobb's work is found in his approach to access the heart. Going beyond emotional intelligence to center within the framework of wholeheartedness.


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